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Freedom TV Networks​​
1st Dibs is the official Advertising Agency for
Freedom Interactive Television Networks 

Freedom TV provides multiple primarily satellite TV networks offering individual, interactive feedback from mass audiences for opinion tallies, opinions, audience interaction, contributions, purchases, and pledges. Our Networks reflect themes for placement to optimize audience awareness for producers. 

Networks have two requirements.  First, they must be interactive, allowing the range of opinions for audience participation, including NONE OF THE ABOVE.  Second, all PhoneVoting on a topic must be duel with one question on the topic concerning a moral viewpoint and another identifying the use of force for carrying out the suggested option under discussion.  

Single shows, infomercials, show series, game shows, reality shows, local news, multi-opinion shows, children's shows, shows for specific interests and languages and cause marketing shows, can appear on these networks or on several networks.  If you are interested in your own network for multiple shows, contact us.

Our Networks
Humanity, in each of its many individual cultures, has experienced success and failures, problems and solutions which allowed them to move forward.  But the stories are always human stories told as people live their lives in the richness which our human experience offers.  This is true of putting a man on the moon and raising meat animals with kindness and humanity.

The logos below each take you to a page explaining the kind of stories we thought would challenge and assist in understanding each other.  Your show can run on more than one network.  Your choice.  

You do not need to be a seasoned professional to produce a show, take your cause to a mass audience, sell your art, explore space, impact public opinion, seek justice, find ways to achieve peace in your family or any of many other possibilities.  We show you how and provide tools to make your goal possible.  NEXT STEP

Our First Network


Housing  the            American                    Dream

The Debate for Survival