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          1st on  Di rect B roadcast S atellite 

We have rates from Media Tech Companies to encourage producers to create new 2-way interactive television formats.  

Our rates will be posted here with:   
  •   air times
  •   discounts for advance sales
  •   volume discounts on satellite TV Time

 2/3rds  off market rate via over the top (OTT) Streaming for 1/2 Hour and 1 Hour Shows from 3-10 Second Delay from source (Racecar) to your smart phone based on slow, medium, fast movement on screen and resolution desired, low, medium, high. 

We are currently in negotiations with nine cable companies for discounts and Cloud Data Server Firms.  

Scheduling, ad lengths, and costs will be here.  Use the Contact form to sign up so we can let you know when these are up.    CONTACT