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We have rates from Media Tech Companies to encourage producers to create new 2-way interactive television formats.  

We are constantly working with media tech and connectivity companies for zero pricing or severe discounts to promote producers using 2-way audience participation formats.  Inquire about:   
  •   Cost of air times on satellite, cable and streaming to and FROM devices
  •   discounts for advance sales, product placement, producer crew incentives with manufacturers of live production equipment and training.  
  •   volume discounts on satellite TV Time for interactive shows and networks
  •   New 4K Ultra-High Definition Equipment discounts for at least the price of taxes

 2/3rds  off market rate via over the top (OTT) Streaming for 1/2 Hour and 1 Hour Shows from 3-10 Second Delay from source (Racecar) to your smart phone based on slow, medium, fast movement on screen and resolution desired, low, medium, high. 

We are currently in negotiations with nine cable companies for discounts and Cloud Data Server Firms.  

Scheduling, ad lengths, and costs will be available and constantly changeable, usually downwards in price.  Use the Contact form to sign up so we can let you know when these are updated.    CONTACT

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The Freedom Plan Prospectus
Freedom Interactive TV Networks Association,
Deep Green Futures, Inc.
%PAYE Financiers & Finansurers​

Percentage As You Earn (%PAYE)
Finance & Finansurance and
Fiscal Computer Programming for
39,000 Banks & Financial Institutions
by Advantego Technologies, Inc.​

EMAIL us and we will send the file. 
  Subject line: PAYE FreeNterprise