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Leaving Passive TV for the Real Thing, 2-Way Interactive TV
Grow Your Audience and Your Impact

Nick Carol is your guide for escaping from the downward plunge of Passive TV into the world of 2-Way Audience Participation Interactive through all platforms and all devices.  She walks you through the darkness of falling ratings and profits to a new world of merged interactive.   
If you are leaving PassiveTV or YouTube you may have decided you can no longer take the arbitrary censorship, arrogance, impact on your brain, as cited by multiple Oxford Studies.  PassiveTV is entertaining, but what does it accomplish?  It is time to move past entertainment to engagement which awakens all of us to our power to ask questions, get answers, voice our opinions, offer facts, videos, and engage in tallies that provide instant feedback.  Just this makes Focus groups far less important.  We experience what others think - and why.  

The Mainstream Media never wanted this to happen - but now you can be in the cutting edge of change as never before possible.  

Nick will walk you through the free analysis of what your Interactive needs will be for your show and then let you know what the initial change over fees will be (this will be a pleasant surprise to you, we suspect) and then act as your liaison through the process.  

More good news!  Your ads will also be interactive!  As you have seen with the Internet, this is a far more sales friendly way to build a relationship with your customers and fans.  

Nick Carol

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